Thursday, December 2, 2021

La, La, La

 Last week I got to enjoy five days off for the Thanksgiving holiday. There was a time when having five days off would have freaked me out. Like: OMG, how am I going to fill all this time?!?!!  But since I turned 80, I am really enjoying time away from work. Being 80 is also a great excuse for getting out of work. Like: 

My daughter: Mom, can you empty the dishwasher? 

Me: No! I'm 80.

My boss: Can you do an extra (school bus) run?

Me: Are you crazy? I'm 80?

Last Friday, which happened to be Black Friday, I ran out to (I don't remember what I ran out for!) and found this adorable (but large) bear for my youngest great-grandson's second birthday. Afterward, I sat

in the kitchen cooking scrapple ( a Philadelphia delicacy and a great alternate to turkey) and getting ready to watch Get Back, the new Beatles documentary.

It's funny but I never liked the Beatles much when I was younger, but now (that  I'm 80), I love them. One of my favorite Beatles songs is Hey, Jude. I especially love the la, la la, in the middle. It's so typical of their silly but serious style (which is a lot like mine). Listening to their music and moving is a good way to get my daily 7000 steps, which I recently reduced from 10,000 (because after all, I am 80!)   

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