Sunday, September 20, 2020

A Sign of the Times

When I returned to work three weeks ago, one of the first things I noticed as I drove my students to and from their private school were the signs planted on the front lawns of this well-integrated, well-to-do area where “Black Lives Matter” and “Someone is Excited to be Entering Kindergarten” this Fall – even though her public schools had to open virtually.

Of course, there are political signs too, many for “Biden & Harris” and others for “Trump” - without Pence. In a park in a neighboring district, I found a sign telling people to walk only in a clockwise 

direction to maintain social distancing. Outside nursing homes and clinics there are signs honoring the heroes who work inside - although I hold to my belief that we are all heroes, some of us, at times, in more imminent danger than others.

But my favorite sign by far is one with pastel letters set against a black background that seems to 

cover everything: 

We believe, it says, that


Black Lives Matter

No Human is Illegal 

Women's Rights are Human Rights 

Science is Real

Water is Life 

Injustice Anywhere is Injustice Everywhere     


And, right there in the middle of that sign is my 

favorite line of all: Love is Love!

 Has there ever been any statement more profound?


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