Saturday, July 7, 2018


Usually, when I go to a movie I am one of the first ones up and out of my seat as the movie ends. But after the last movie I saw, Kevin Macdonald's Whitney, I just sat there as though glued to my seat, stunned and unable to move and intent on listening to every note of the song that was playing as the credits rolled -  her 1992 hit I Have Nothing. 
During the two-hour documentary, which reminds us (as if we needed reminding) of her mind-blowing voice, her incredible range and her silk-like tones, we see Whitney in every possible way - sweet, sensual, angry, wasted, weird, witty, wild and wonderful; and as we sit there we can't help wondering: Whitney what happened? until, about three-quarters into the movie, when Macdonald drops a bombshell that goes a long way into explaining why Whitney was the way she was. 

If you loved Whitney Houston's voice, I encourage you to go see this new film which not only sheds light on what drove her to excess but gives us yet another chance to listen to that incredible and unforgettable voice and to remind us of why we will always love her.

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