Saturday, May 5, 2018


Do you remember the morning meditation I mentioned in a post not long ago? Well, there’s another meditation on that App (the Insight Timer) that I love. This one is called “There’s Nothing Wrong with You,” and God knows I need to hear that reassurance every once in a while. According to this meditation, I was given (we are all given) a group to travel with. And as outlandish as that may sound to some, it is something I have always believed.

I think the first time I felt that way was the day my son was born. I held this child and thought, I know you. We have traveled together before, in this place but in some other time.

I once had a friend who told me he had a dream in which he saw his wife’s face the day before he met her. When he saw her the next day he recognized her immediately, even though she was standing next to her twin sister.

But, as this meditation reminds us, not everyone who enters our life is meant to stay. Some come lightly, as though on the wings of a butterfly, leaving after only a brief encounter, leaving nothing but a memory – sweet and sure. A memory of yesterday.  

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