Sunday, April 22, 2018


A friend of mine recently lost her husband, a man she was married to for more than fifty years. When I heard about his death my heart went out to her for I, too, have lost someone. And although he wasn’t my husband, and although I knew him for only twelve years, I loved him dearly with a love that was deep and intense even though the relationship we shared often zigged and zagged and sometimes led me around in circles. But oh, the things I learned from him, although he never knew he was my teacher. 

“Will we always be friends?” I asked him once not long after I found him.

And he answered, “Always.” 

When he died I went into mourning, a mourning that was deep and intense, a mourning that sometimes zigged and zagged and too often led me around in circles so that the only way I could handle it was to write about it, never realizing that grief was my teacher. 

“Will we always be friends?" I asked him once not long ago when I was lost, "even while you are in heaven and I am not?” 

And he answered, “Always.” 

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