Friday, April 8, 2016

Goodbye American Idol - for Now!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I shall miss American Idol, which I have been watching for the past fifteen years. As I watched it over the two-night finale, sometimes through tears, I enjoyed every minute of it. It did not disappoint. 

Everything - from the words of President Obama saying that Idol has taught our young people the importance of voting, to new idol Trent Harmon's performance of Chandelier, to Jessica Sanchez singing The Prayer - was breathtaking. And, as I watched the parade of familiar faces and listened to their unforgettable voices, memories came back to me, memories not just of American Idol, but cherished memories from my own life too. 

So thank you American Idol for teaching me what I’d always suspected – that talent, when it is nourished and cherished can grow and grow until it becomes not just super, but idolic.

  But most of all thank you for all of the music, new and old, because it is music that gives us wings.

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