Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Seven Affirmations

Every morning, as I’ve mentioned before, I wake up, pick up my phone and listen to a guided meditation I found on an App called the Insight Timer. I’ve been so delighted with the seven affirmations contained in a meditation called Morning Meditation with Music by Jonathan Lehmann, I’ve been wanting to share them with you. So, here they are:

1). I make plans, but I remain flexible and open to the surprises that life has in store for me. I try to say yes as often as possible.

2). I cultivate patience, and by doing so I also cultivate self-confidence.

3). I welcome the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and I do not let myself be guided by fear.

4). I love myself unconditionally because it is essential to my happiness. I love the person that I am and I do not need other people’s approval to love myself fully.

5). I am going to drink water, eat fruits and vegetables, walk, take the stairs, exercise. Today I’m giving love to my body.

6). I give everywhere I go, even if it’s only a smile, a compliment or my full attention. Listening is the best gift I can give to those around me.

7). I try to be impeccable with my word and to speak only to spread positivity. It is counterproductive to my happiness to speak against myself or against others.

Listening to this meditation has helped me immensely lately. Sometimes I feel as though I have been driving down a road too quickly, not paying attention to the signs, and suddenly I am lost. Meditation helps me find my way back. It helps me feel grounded and safe.

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