Wednesday, May 8, 2019


The last time I wrote, it was about letting go of something. After she read it, my daughter Cindi, who does all my editing, wrote back:
It’s fine, Mom,” (which wasn’t exactly the praise I was hoping for!) “What are you letting go of?” (shouldn't that be: Of what are you letting go? - But whatever!!)
Caffeine!” I answered.

Lol,” she wrote back.

But it’s true! Everyone has something they want to let go (of?). For me it’s caffeine because after one cupful – actually, one glassful (I don’t drink caffeine in the morning) I’m jittery, and after two glasses, I’m a wreck (to which anyone who’s seen me after lunch can attest).
All of which may sound superfluous to some, but not to me because, as I have recently begun to suspect, it is this addiction that has been keeping me from enjoying something I really want to do in the evening - meditate.
So, what I need right now is someone to hold me accountable, someone to shame me away from the caffeine, and I'm hoping that someone is you!
Oh, and if you are having a similar problem, just let me know and I’ll be happy to blab - er, write about it here!! 

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